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Penis Surgery for Cancer and Fracture Repair

Penis SurgeryPenis surgery for cancer, and fracture repair are rare but need to be performed as soon as possible. Cancer of the penis needs to be properly diagnosed to see how far the cancer has grown into the penis. The type of penis cancer surgery will be determined by the location and extent of the cancer. The options that will be available to treat penile cancer are determined according to the stage of the penis cancer. The cancer may only be on the skin surface (carcinoma in situ), it may also be in the erectile tissue and a lymph node, and it may have spread to the urethra or prostate and multiple lymph nodes.

Penis surgery for cancer includes microsurgery and laser surgery for skin surface cancer. Cryosurgery (freezing a cancerous tumor), circumcision to remove cancer of the foreskin, and partial removal of the penis (partial penectomy) or the entire removal (amputation) of the penis (radical penectomy) are the options for penis cancer surgery.

Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and biological therapy are other penis cancer remedies. Radiation may be a series of external beam radiation treatments, or some temporary implants that are radioactive. When radiation treatments are performed then medication called radiosensitizers may be given because it makes the cancer cells more sensitive to radiation. Chemotherapy may be administered in the form of an intravenous infusion, a cream, or a pill. There is also a biological cream that can be administered.

Penis surgery for penis fracture repair is needed when the lining (corpus cavernousum) of the spongy tissue that fills up with blood that creates an erection breaks. This occurs from blunt force trauma that quickly bends the erect penis causing the corpus cavernousum to break open creating a snapping sound, bleeding inside the penis, pain, and immediate deflation of the erection into a flaccid state.

Penis surgery is an emergency procedure and has very successful outcomes. If a penis fracture is not treated then the chances are high that erectile dysfunction will occur, and the penis will become crooked. Initially diagnostic imaging of the penis will determine that a penis fracture did occur and where the corpus cavernousum has ruptured. Our urology specialists will then perform the penis fracture repair under anesthesia. Dr. Gheiler will guide you through your recovery period.

Penis surgery for emergency fracture repair, erectile dysfunction penile prosthesis implant, penis cancer, priapism, phimosis, or wart and papule removal are available with the best Urology Specialists in our Miami urology centers on Miami Beach and Hialeah Florida. For and appointment call (305) 822-7227 or request an appointment online.


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