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Penis Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction

Penis Surgery for erectile dysfunctionPenis surgery for erectile dysfunction is performed once the use of other erectile dysfunction remedies has been ruled out and the erectile dysfunction causes have been determined by Dr. Edward Gheiler. As the founder of Urology Specialists, doctor Gheiler wanted to create a center for men with erectile dysfunction to offer the best solutions to each type of patient. Impotence causes are varied, unfortunately the general public knows very little of the many erectile dysfunction causes and the many different medications, treatments, devices, implants and lifestyle changes that can bring back sexual potency.

Penis surgery for the penis implant can be of two types of penile prosthesis, a malleable penile implant and the popular inflatable implant. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. The malleable penis implant is a two piece penile prosthesis that is semi-rigid. By bending the semi-rigid implant down the penis stays in the downward position. By straightening the implant it is ready to use and the penis is erect. By placing the penis in the appropriate position you are ready. This helps remove any dexterity issues and is very quick.

The inflatable penis implant is used by squeezing a small pump that is hidden in the scrotum, after a few squeezes the implant is inflated and the penis is rigid. To deflate the implant simply press the hidden deflate button this brings the penis back to a flaccid state. To make the implant deflate quickly, squeeze the penis, once the deflate button is pressed. The inflatable implant is not visible once it has been placed through the surgical incision. Even in the flaccid state the inflatable penile prosthesis is not noticeable.

The inflatable implant is made of Bioflex which is a supple durable biopolymer. It is composed of a fluid reservoir, two penile cylinders, and a pump. Dr. Edward Gheiler makes one incision and places the reservoir, two cylinders and pump in place within 20 minutes. This new engineering is designed to maximize girth, give greater rigidity, and to look like a natural erection. To date doctor Gheiler has had zero implant failures. This inflatable penile prosthesis is deflated with one hand and a one touch release.

Penis surgery for erectile dysfunction and bring sexual potency back into your life with the penis implant of your choosing is often covered under most insurance plans. Call our Miami urology center to schedule an appointment or simply sign up online and put the day and time that fits your schedule.


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