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Penis Surgery Wart and Pearly Penile Papules Removal

Penis Surgery wart and papule removalPenis surgery wart and papule removal are common urologic surgery procedures. Initially any growth on the penis or genitals needs to be diagnosed as to their cause and stage. Growths may be caused by cancer, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), or they may be just harmless benign growths that can often be removed. Warts on the penis come from the human papilloma virus (HPV) which is communicable. Growths may be cancerous tumors that need immediate treatment.

Penis surgery for pearly penile papules removal is common, painless and takes less than an hour. Pearly penile papules are small white or skin colored bumps that generally grow in a series of rings around the glans penis (head of the penis).  Pearly penile papules are present in 20% to 50% of the male population. These harmless bumps are the cause of less intimacy and embarrassment, which need not to be the case.

Once the pearly penile papules have been diagnosed they can then be quickly removed in a laser procedure that vaporizes them and makes the skin surface smooth. The CO2 laser procedure is painless because the doctor uses a topical numbing cream. The recovery time takes a week or two so that the skin surface is fully healed and perfectly smooth.

Penis surgery wart removal (genital warts) includes laser surgery, cryosurgery, and electro cauterization. Other methods include taking topical medication, homeopathic medicine holistic procedures, and medications that are in current clinical research trials. Warts on the penis come from the human papilloma virus (HPV) and while the warts can be removed the human papilloma virus is not removed during surgery. There are medications that minimize the chances of spreading the disease to your sexual partner although your ability to not spread the virus is on a certain percentage of the times you have sex. When women have the human papilloma virus it can cause cervical cancer, which is much more serious diagnosis.
There is now a HPV vaccine that is available to women that do not have HPV which will keep them immune from contracting HPV from their sexual partner. Unfortunately HPV may not create and growths/warts for months to years of the original infection.

Penis surgery wart and pearly penile papules diagnosis and removal are available at our Miami urology center with our board certified urology specialists. Call (305) 822-7227 or schedule an appointment online.


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